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Beth grew up in the Church and always felt very comforted by the Angels. In 2008 Beth sought within herself and found Spirituality.  In 2011 Beth began consciously working with Archangel Metatron, Archangel Michael and in 2014 became an Angelic Reiki Master. Beth didn't know it then, but this was the beginning of her channeling the Wisdom of the Rainbow Ray, facilitated by all of Beth's Angelic Guides. 


Beth loves sharing Angelic healing, guidance and wisdom. Beth loves sharing with all the different realms of the Kingdom of Light.


Beth's life purpose is to bridge the angelic and star realms so their wisdom can be more easily shared.

Beth invites you to come and meet your angel guide, to receive their wisdom and healing. 

Beth offers this to you in many ways; 

You are invited to come for an Angelic mentoring session

You are invited to commission Beth to channel your Angel Guide in a painting or digital art creation. 

You are invited to come to one of Beth's meet your Angel Guides workshop taster days. 

You are invited to come for Angelic Healing. 


Sharing these gifts is an absolute joy and honour for Beth. All sessions can be shared online and if you are local you are welcome to book a face to face session at Beth's sanctuary,  studio and temple; ''.

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