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Boundary work

Beth shares spiritual principles that support clear and effective boundaries for spiritual development and all of life.

Boundaries that support you in expanding, containing, and grounding so you can easily walk between all worlds.

Foundations for life



Beth shares how to create and use intention to create and reinforce your spiritual boundaries. 



Beth shares how easy it is to create private sacred space that holds your boundaries, permissions; rules/ways of engaging and disengaging. How to express and rescind your consent in each moment.



Beth shares with you how to communicate with Spirit and all energies how you wish to engage and operate/work/merge with Spirit.



Beth shares with you the foundations of Intention, effective communication, and consent so you have a choice in each moment. 

Beth's guides have shared with her a 'course' that supports you to explore the boundaries you wish to hold. 

If you would like to know more please contact Beth. 

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