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Forest Arts Centre New Milton

Come and Immerse yourself in Angelic Healing for the day!  

This day's retreat held at the Forest Arts Centre in New Milton, is a deep dive and a unique time with your Angel guide. You will spend the morning getting to know, one of your, Guardian Angel/s and how they would like to deepen their communication with you and the second part of the morning will be with the intention of deep personal healing through the 3 bodies; physical, emotional and Spiritual.  

The morning will be guided and you will be invited to call your Guardian Angel in meditation; to draw in your Angel close and ask them to share their love and healing with you. Colours, shapes, and images are often experienced as your breath slows and your body relaxes. You come out of the sympathetic nervous system into the parasympathetic nervous system where oxytocin and serotonin are produced and experienced a deep state of well-being. You will be invited to express your experience of meditation with your Angel through colour and mark-making as formlessness.  

 The afternoon is where the deep transformational work really begins as you are invited to explore the 3 bodies with your Angels and this new code, light language, this new way they specifically choose to communicate and assist with transformation with you.  You will be guided into meditation to experience your Angel channelling their light language to you. You then will be invited, in 3 separate meditations, to explore the physical body, the emotional body and the spiritual body.  

This day is a real gift of Self-Love and Soul-Care and you will receive transmissions and activations that are unique to you. No experience is needed with Art, Angels or meditation. Come with an open mind and the intention of self-healing through creative expression.  

What to bring:

Please bring a packed lunch and clothes you don't mind making a mess in. The centre has limited materials please bring your own art materials (to include Oil Pastles), the paper will be provided. 

Session: Sat 5 Nov 10am-4pm

Tickets: £35/£31.50 Concessions

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