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Monday the 8th of August.
6.30 - 8.30pm.
303 Hursley Road. 
Chandlers Ford.
So53 5PJ

Sarah and Beth invite you to join them for Lion's Gate. 

You are invited to a 2 hour celebration with a fire ceremony and blessing. You will receive new light codes, seeds, light language and consciousness that is available to you through the Lion's  Gate Portal. 

You will be invited to receive this blessing in a 6ft copper pyramid surrounded by your Angels, Starbeings, Guides and allies. 

Lion's Gate is a crescendo of potential that is available to you through the Sirius and our Sun alignment. It is a great time of transformation and ending of cycles. 

Leo is all about heart centering, self love and empowerment and celebrating in community at this time is incredibly special. 

This evening is held in Beth's garden and 'Temple of Light' studio. Please do bring an extra layer, blanket and a picnic chair or cushion to sit on. 

Refreshments will be provided in the form of hot herbal drinks. Please bring a water bottle. 

This evening is for an investment of £10.

Held in the Temple Garden at 303 Hursley Road So53 5PJ.

You are welcome to park on the drive or on Hocombe Wood drive. Details will be emailed out to you so you know exactly where you are going and where is best to park. 

If you would like to arrive earlier to come and be in silent devotion, you are welcome to come earlier from 6pm. To light a candle and pull yourself a card or two. Please bring a donation towards your candle (tea light) - or you are welcome to bring your own from home. 

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Sarah has been healing clients since 2005 and  runs her own healing studio in Hedge End Southampton, channelling the healing energies of Reiki and Rahanni. 

Sarah is a teacher of Rahanni and regularly attunes clients to this amazing 5th dimensional healing modality, she has also recently completed training in healing through clients Akashic Records which is proving to be another wonderful treatment.

Sarah is currently developing her abilities to channel light language which is a cosmic sound transmission of frequency and energy. 

Sarah has two daughters and one granddaughter and she lives in Southampton with her husband Chris. Sarah enjoys practicing Yoga, spinning, swimming and nature walks.

Sarah's Website is

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Beth is a Visonary Artist and Intuitive Mystic. Beth calls her practice 'Lightweaving' and creates and holds '' that is a working studio and also a Temple of Light for Cosmic exploration, play and healing. 

Beth channels Angelic and Starbeing wisdom through her guides and loves being in devotion with inspiring company. 

Beth loves creating, painting, singing, dancing, yoga, herbs, flowers and plant medicine. Beth loves being outside and is a keen gardener, Nia Dancer and wild swimmer. 

Beth loves to honour the rhythm of her seasons and cycles with and gentleness and kindness her greatest gifts. 

Beth is married to Tom and they have two children, Ella who is 14 and Gabriel who is 8.

Lion's Gate: Bio
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