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Sacred Sound

Our Ancestors used Sacred Sound for ritual, prayer, protection, healing, art and expression.


Beth invites you to join her in these ancient practices; to come and be bathed in the Sacred Sounds of a Sound Bath or to join her in a Sacred Singing Circle.


Access your Soul's song and sing sweet harmonies with Soul family. 


Sound Baths

A Sound Bath uses different vibrations of sound to promote deep relaxation of the body, heart and mind. Sound soothes the vagus nerve, takes you into the parasympathetic nervous system, and creates a physiological change. 

A Sound Bath cuts through the overwhelm of external environments and allows your mind to let go of racing thoughts, dropping you into a focused place of peace. Your brainwaves change from the beta state of everyday processing and cognition into an alpha state of relaxation which reduces stress and anxiety. The sound waves promote theta consciousness of deep relaxation and can help improve your mood, imagination, and intuition.

Your Sound Bath will begin with a guided meditation which supports you in dropping into relaxation. Beth creates a deep, safe space, and cocoons you in unconditional love. In this sanctuary, Beth uses her voice, wind chimes and the gong to create sacred sounds. 


Please contact Beth directly if you would like to book a one-to-one session or arrange an event for your team, School, or business. 

Sound Baths are accessible to all. All abilities and bodies are welcome to participate.  No previous experience is needed.

If you are neurodivergent and would like support accessing the venue, and knowing what to expect in a Sound Bath in more detail please email Beth requesting the supporting video and social script. 


You may prefer to lie on a yoga mat to experience a sound bath. You are welcome to relax in a chair if this suits your body more. Sound Baths are accessible and can be enjoyed in your wheelchair.

Please bring a warm blanket, and pillows to make yourself snugly. Being tucked up and warm supports your ability to surrender to the experience.

The gong can get loud so caution is advised if you are noise-sensitive. Sound Baths are not recommended if you are pregnant or epileptic. If you are unsure if a sound bath would be suitable for you please consult your doctor before coming to the class.

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