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Self Love and Soul Care

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I am an Artist, Healer, Sound Therapist, Apprentice Herbalist and Mumma to 2 neurodiverse children.


I love holding space so you have the delight in connecting with your Soul. I love supporting you have a deeper relationship with all that is seen and unseen. 

I invite you to come and relax in my sanctuary, to receive healing, bathe yourself in sacred sound, drop into rest and deepen your relationship with your heart and Soul.  


I share heart expanding soothing, relaxing practices, workshops, and courses that support you in letting go and receiving your unique divine wisdom and gifts.  

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My celestial guides, the Rainbow Ray invite you to work with them. To call on them and ask them to help you deepen your relationship with your Soul. 

The Rainbow Ray offer you the opportunity to streamline your spiritual practices, to fine tune your disciplines and rituals so you flow with the sweet nectar of life.


My Art is shared with you and acts as a portal so you can recieve the blessings and wisdom of you Soul. My pieces are called 'Slow Art' and you are invited to breath and gaze into them, with them and invite them to share with you, your highest wisdom. 


I love sharing creative sessions that give you the opportunity to explore a more mindful relationship with your heart and Soul. 


I love to guiding magical, meditative journeys where the unseen becomes seen. Creating community space where you can share your journey and prayers. Where you can come together in love through your cycles and seasons.

It is an honour to connect with you. I would love to see you soon.

Beth x 

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