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My Creative Practice

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My visual arts practice is of form and formlessness play through inner and outer landscapes.


I use colour, mark-making and form to express my emotions. I meditate with my creations and in meditation, Mother Nature shares with me her own strength and fragility. I share this medicine visually in the form of my pieces.  


In this way, I can make sense of my inner world and find my feet in the outer world that often is too busy, bright, loud and fast-paced. This creative therapy supports my well-being and mental health.   

This slow art that I create on wooden boards, offers you opportunities to have a conversation with yourself, to connect to nature as a mirror and medicine, and to allow your own vulnerabilities to take root in strength and bloom.   

My favourite pieces

Coloured Pastel


Still Life - lily

15 mins Chalk on paper 



Oil pastle


Still life -Carin


Charcoal on paper


Acrylic on board.  



Coloured Pastel

IMG_6460 (1).jpg

Still Life - Robin

Acrylic on paper 



Digital Image of Acrylic paintings 

Coloured Pastel

Still Life - Emma

Acrylic on paper 

My recent work

'The Sea of delight'
September 2023


The Forest Grove

The joy of jelly fish


The deep 

'Awe and Wonder'
July 2023

The Forest Grove

Oil Pastel collage August 2023

The Forest bathing

Oil Pastel collage August 2023

The Ant nest - the curiosity of the hive mind

Oil Print August 2023

Awe and wonder; losing yourself in the vastness of the cosmos, is found everywhere. Slowing yourself down enough to see this magic in the landscape of your every day is a gift.


In these pieces, I have used mark-making to feel and express the landscape of the forest and then used this work to print or create a collage with chosen marks, and symbols that represent this awe and wonder to me. The magic comes alive as your inner landscape begins talking to the outer landscapes of creation. 

'The medicine of the flower' Spring 2023 


Tulip rose

Acrylic on board.  May 2023


Magnolia Lotus

Acrylic on board.  May 2023


Sister Rose

Acrylic on board.  May 2023

I use colour to evoke and express emotion. I create abstract pieces that begin through closed eyes as I feel how the paint wishes to intuitively move through me.  I love to go deep. 


I take time in a relationship, meditating with each piece, and as I would with a child; listen, support, and comfort those parts of me the art mirrors. I create safety and stillness. From this formless abstract, I sometimes create form. 


I love witnessing my vulnerability take root in strength and bloom. How my outer landscape as mother nature shares with me her own fragility, strength, cycles, and seasons. 

'Miracles in the darkness' 


Spark of creation

Acrylic on board.  



Acrylic on board.  


A beginning

Acrylic on board.  

My first exhibition

My first Solo Exhibition at Forest Arts Centre in New Milton.  February 19th to the 30th of March 2022.

My exhibition; Lightweaving; Formlessness to Form, showcased the journey I had expressing my emotions as I learned to love myself and find myself in the world after having children and having postnatal depression. This delicious dance and flow of mark marking, colour, shape and form magnified joy and delight within me. I reconnected with my spirit; the wonder and awe of life. 


I am child's play

Acrylic on board.  February 2022

I am Private Space_edited.jpg

I am private space

Acrylic on board.  February 2022

I am feeling all parts of me_edited.jpg

I am feeling all parts of me

Acrylic on board.  February 2022

I am Phoenix Rising .JPG

I am rebirth

Acrylic on board.  February 2022

I am sorry please forgive me _edited.jpg

I am sorry please forgive me

Acrylic on board.  February 2022


I am sacred space

Acrylic on board.  February 2022

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