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I am a neurodivergent Artist and Wellbeing teacher.


I love sharing creative and wellbeing practices to support you expressing all parts of yourself and dropping into peace. 


My Practice

My creative practice is about creating safety and boundaries to support individuals to use creativity and well-being in new ways.

I am deeply supported by Nature  who inspires me with her cycles and seasons, symbiotic relationship with all. She reminds me to be a loving non judgemental observer, and ask the questions 'am I in a vast ocean or a stuck in a muddy bog? Do I have the perspective of the hawk at dawn, or am I down a rabbit hole?'

Co regulating with Nature supports my creative practice and shows me the magic, dance, delight and growth in all moments, cycles and seasons. Everything changes; harmonising with Earth's pace helps me to 'see' beyond what is thought to be limited and fixed and find safety in the unknown. 

Embedding creativity, well-being, nature and sound day to day help me return to my roots of safety and my baseline of peace, here I make sense of me; the thoughts inside my head, the emotions flooding my body. Making peace with my inner world empowers me so I thrive in the outerworld; from this space of grace, safety, creativity and confidence ripple out to all. 


My Story

I suffered from postnatal depression after the birth of my first child in 2008.  Mindfulness practices greatly supported my mental health. In 2011 I trained to be a yoga and meditation teacher and have shared life-changing well-being technologies for the last 15 years.  


My creativity began when, for a whole year, I painted and re-painted a canvas hanging on my kitchen wall. I loved exploring and playing with different mediums. I joined a community arts centre and fell in love with Life Drawing. 


In February 2021 I had my first solo exhibition at Forest Arts Centre New Milton.

My exhibition; Lightweaving; Formlessness to Form, showcased the journey I had expressing my emotions as I learned to love myself and find myself in the world after postnatal depression. This delicious dance and flow of mark marking, colour, shape and form magnified my joy and delight. I reconnected with my spirit; the wonder and awe of life. 


I now freelance for Forest Arts sharing Arts and Well-being activities, workshops and day retreats. 


2022-2023 both my children were diagnosed as autistic (my daughter autistic and adhd). I began volunteering for a charity that supports neurodivergence which helped me deepen my understanding of the autistic spectrum. I am privileged to now be employed by this charity and support autistic adults part time.


In this charity role I directed the exhibition : The Landscape of my Mind, which is at Southampton City Art Gallery. (30th of March to the 22nd of June 2024). our opening event on world autism awareness day was well received by the press and members. it was a real celebration of creativity and belonging. 

I am in my second year as a herbalist studying with the Sacred School of the Wild learning about the wild weeds and plants in our back gardens that support health and well-being. Herbal wisdom and folk medicine adds another dimension to the well-being opportunities I love to share.


I am passionate about these different roles. I love weaving together all my expertise to help neurodivergent adults, children and families use creativity and well-being practices to thrive. 


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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