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I am a neurodivergent Artist and Wellbeing teacher.


I love sharing ancient and creative practices that focus the mind on joy and make space for you to embody your Soul's wisdom.


My Practice

My visual arts practice is of form and formlessness play through inner and outer landscapes.


I use colour, mark-making and form to express my emotions. I meditate with my creations and in meditation, Mother Nature shares with me her own strength and fragility. I share this medicine visually in the form of my pieces.  


My creative practice helps me make sense of my inner world and find my feet in the outer world that often is too busy, bright, loud and fast-paced. This creative therapy supports my well-being and mental health.   

This slow art that I create on wooden boards, offers you opportunities to have a conversation with yourself, to connect to nature as a mirror and medicine, and to allow your own vulnerabilities to take root in strength and bloom.   


My Origin Story

I began my career as a Police Officer in Hampshire Police. After the birth of my first child in 2008, I suffered from postnatal depression. Mindfulness practices greatly supported my mental health. In 2011 I trained to be a yoga and meditation teacher and have shared life-changing well-being technologies for the last 15 years.  


My creativity began when, for a whole year, I painted and repainted a canvas hanging on my kitchen wall. I loved exploring and playing with different mediums. I joined Forest Arts Centre in New Milton where I fell in love with Life Drawing. 


In February 2021 I had my first solo exhibition at Forest Arts Centre New Milton, part of Hampshire Cultural Trust. My exhibition; Lightweaving; Formlessness to Form, showcased the journey I had expressing my emotions as I learned to love myself and find myself in the world after having children and having postnatal depression. This delicious dance and flow of mark marking, colour, shape and form magnified my joy and delight. I reconnected with my spirit; the wonder and awe of life. 


I am privileged to be an enthusiastic member of the Forest Arts Community and also one of their energetic tutors, sharing Arts and Well-being activities. 


In 2022 my son was diagnosed with Autism and this May, my daughter was diagnosed with Autism and Adhd. Seeking support I have become part of another wonderful community; the neurodivergent community that supports children, young persons, and their parents.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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